About Us

My name is Andy Kobosko Jr., owner of Guardian Storm Protection. I have over 27 years of experience installing hurricane shutters. When I first started installing hurricane shutters in Palm Beach, I was working under a company called All Broward Hurricane in 1995, and quickly became the installation manager!

I have a true passion for installing hurricane shutters and knowing that I am providing families peace of mind. My biggest problem? I am a perfectionist! I have never learned to accept anything but perfect work. Because of that, I have decided to embark on my own journey in the storm protection industry which led to Guardian Storm Protection being created in 2003!

Our Mission

We strive to be the best, not the biggest! Here at Guardian, we take pride in our work. In doing so, we do not ask for a deposit. Why? Because you pay when the job is 100% complete and you are satisfied!

Company Profile

Many of our employees have been with Guardian since its formation! We do not use any subcontractors. We are licensed, bonded, and insured!

We are the direct manufacturer of the Town & Country Accordion Shutters. We custom cut and assemble each job in our facility here in West Palm Beach. Being a manufacturer has its perks! For example, we do not have to rely on another company to make our shutters like many companies do, and we can control our lead times, inventory, and costs.

About 90% of our business derives from “word-of-mouth” referrals! So if you need a reference, just give us a call and we will provide you with a list!

Our sales representative will visit your home and see what application will work best for you, as well as explain the different options we provide. Once you sign a contract with us, our office staff will keep in contact with you on the progress of your job until completion.