Clear Hurricane Panels

We are very proud to offer clear hurricane panels made “locally” by Transparent Protection Systems. They are the leading manufacturer of clear hurricane panels in the entire industry. The general manager of the company who manufactures the clear panels and myself have known each other for a long time and I am one of their preferred accounts. That basically means that you will not find a better price on clear hurricane panels, period.

Clear hurricane panels are not what they used to be. In the earlier years they used to turn yellow and become brittle in sunlight, and had very limited spans for covering doors. Nowadays these clear panels are made with polycarbonate and will not yellow or break, no matter how hard you hit them or expose them to sunlight. The clear panel technology has improved so much, that they are Dade County approved and have almost the same wind load strength as heavy steel, and they hardly weigh anything.

Clear hurricane panels are also great because they can be left up during season in most communities and they are “completely” see-thru, so in the event of a storm, you have all the light you want.

Clear hurricane panels can also be placed on windows where no other shutter will work, without messing up the looks of the home. They are always removable or in some cases can simply be left up all the time. If you have a fixed glass window high up and hard to get to, you might consider a clear panel that you put up and leave in place also.