Rolling Hurricane Shutters

Rolling hurricane shutters can do several important functions besides hurricane protection. With the new codes and the increased weight of the shutter slats, any shutter over 50 square feet is generally motorized. Remote controls (like a TV remote) can control groups or single electric roll shutters. You can move an electric rolling shutter up, down, or stop it anywhere in-between.

Robbers avoid homes with electric rolling shutters. They are strong and very noisy to attempt to breakthrough. They can be computer-controlled, so you can call from California to close your electric rolling hurricane shutters on your house in Florida. Banks and businesses often use electric roll shutters because they furnish Hurricane Protection and Security after the storm.

Want an instant black-out room to watch movies or TV. Electric rolling hurricane shutters will allow you to do it and get Hurricane protection as well.

Anytime you speak to a salesperson about electric rolling shutters, make sure they clearly explain what the storm bars will look like (usually required for shutters wider than 74 inches), the box size where the shutters are stored above the window and if they are including the electrical fees and permits.

We have new electric rolling hurricane shutters available that in many circumstances will operate without needing storm bars on wide openings. Ask our representative about your situation.