Hurricane storm shutters come in many varieties. The most common would be the accordion hurricane storm shutter. At Guardian Storm Protection, we have over 19 years of experience installing all varieties of hurricane storm shutters. Not only that, but we are the direct manufacturer!

We offer new installations of Accordion Shutters, Rolling Shutters, and Storm Panels.

Hurricane Maintenance Program

When it comes to a hurricane maintenance program, you can have Guardian expert technicians come out every year, inspect each and every shutter, and lubricate them prior to the Hurricane season to ensure that all shutters are working properly. Having a hurricane maintenance program is very important because many of our clients are out-of-area owners.

We are simply focused on taking care of our customers that we installed jobs for with our products, and because of that, we do not offer maintenance on other companies’ work. Because we use the Town and Country system accordion shutters, having a hurricane maintenance program is not extremely crucial due to our hinge system and the way our wheels roll in the tracks. However, it is highly recommended that all shutters be lubricated yearly to ensure an easy, smooth operation.

We provide a hurricane shutter maintenance program for a minimal charge, so give our office a call to schedule as soon as possible. If a homeowner decides to do their own hurricane shutters maintenance, it’s very easy. All you’d have to do is spray some silicone spray (not WD40) or white lithium grease in the top corners of each track and then pull them shut and back closed again. There is no need to lubricate the bottom track as it’s just a guide and has no moving parts. These types of lubricating sprays can easily be found at your local Home Depot or Lowes. Having a hurricane maintenance program is essential whether we do it for you or you do it yourself.

Check out the video below to learn how to maintain your accordion shutters!

Hurricane Season Preparation

When the time comes to close your hurricane shutters, the last thing you want is a wheel to be stuck or break, or possibly a lock stuck. People tend to get in a “panic” mode when a storm is approaching and the last thing you want is one of your accordion hurricane shutters to not be working properly. Check out our Facebook or Instagram, @gsphurricaneshutters, for preparation tips and hurricane reminders throughout the year!

It is always important year after year to lubricate your hurricane shutter screws and accordion shutter wheels. We recommend that every home do a “dry run” on their hurricane shutters at least once a year so they know they are working properly and all the hurricane panels fit. At Guardian Storm Protection, we pride ourselves on making sure your hurricane shutter system is working properly when we are finished, and we make sure the homeowner knows how to use them. For a refresher on how to properly secure and lock your accordion shutters, please refer to our YouTube video above!

Consulting For Hurricane Protection

When it comes to consulting for hurricane protection, solving problems is a day-to-day business for us. We have engineers that specialize in solving design problems every day. We work with builders on new construction and with other specialized contractors. We have people with more than thirty years of experience in hurricane shutters that we use for consulting for hurricane protection, as sometimes homes have special circumstances.

Every home is different, so we have to evaluate each one to see what style best suits the homeowner while giving them our best opinions. As with anything else, hurricane storm shutters are items that must be explained to each person how the different systems operate. For example, we would not want to sell hurricane panels to a person who cannot physically install them or has no one available to put them up in the event of a storm, or if they are out of town. Customers should know what they are getting and ensure that it best suits their situation in the event of a storm, all while making sure that can handle it. We take so much pride in how our employees are trained when it comes time to install hurricane storm shutters because it is our goal that the shutters work effortlessly year after year.