We here at Guardian Storm Protection would love to tell you about the many services we offer. To name a few, we will go out to your home annually and lubricate your accordion hurricane shutters. Also as part of our services, we will test each opening and make sure that all the accordions are working properly. We can also provide such services as retrofitting your existing metal hurricane panels to a clear version (clear hurricane panels) that has hardly any weight and allows light to pass through.

Another part of our services would be to change the style or system that some homes have that the builder provided. These systems can be very cumbersome, as they require removing screws and then putting the panels on. This type of system requires ladders and loosening of all screws and then tightened again. Our services would involve changing the system with a track system that is maintenance-free and requires no backing out of screws in which most cases become stripped. Please feel free to call us so we can discuss the many services we can offer you to make your installation much simpler and greatly reduce your time should the shutters be needed.

Hurricane Maintenance Program

When it comes to a hurricane maintenance program, you can have Guardian expert technicians come out every year, and inspect each and every shutter, and clean and lubricate them prior to the Hurricane season. Having a hurricane maintenance program is very important because many of our clients are out of area owners.

My company is not real big on having a hurricane maintenance program for other company’s shutters. We are simply focused on taking care of our customers that we installed jobs for with our products. Because we use a Town and Country system accordion shutters, having a hurricane maintenance program is not extremely crucial due to our hinge system and the way our wheels roll in the tracks. However, I highly recommend that all shutters be lubricated yearly to ensure an easy, smooth operation. I do not believe in “nickel and diming” my customers, ever. When you are my customer, I believe that you are very happy with the job we did for you and you will tell others. Referrals are 99% of my business and in most cases, we provide a hurricane shutter maintenance program for a minimal charge. I do that for two reasons; one is that my trucks will be in your driveway getting exposure. The second and more important reason is that by having that hurricane maintenance program and having our crews lubricating your shutters year after year, I know that they will always work and that’s one call I will not get the night of a hurricane.

We provide a hurricane shutter maintenance program for a minimal charge. If a homeowner decides to have their own hurricane shutters maintenance program, it’s very easy. All one has to do is spray some silicone spray (not WD40) or white lithium grease in the top corners of each track and then pull them shut and back closed again. There is no need to lubricate the bottom track as it’s just a guide and has no moving parts. These types of lubricating sprays can easily be found at your local Home Depot or Lowes. Having a hurricane maintenance program is important whether we do it for you or you do it yourself. But for that “ultimate” peace of mind, it should be done.

Hurricane Shutters

We are absolutely crazy about our service! It is extremely important to have your hurricane shutters serviced so they work freely year after year. When the time comes to close your hurricane shutters, the last thing you want is a wheel to be stuck or break, or possibly a lock stuck. People tend to get in a “panic” mode when a storm is approaching and the last thing you want is one of the hurricane shutters to be missing or your accordion hurricane shutters to be stuck.

It is always important year after year to lubricate your hurricane shutter screws and lubricate your accordion shutter wheels. I recommend that every home should always do a “dry run” on their hurricane shutters at least once a year so they know they are working properly and all the hurricane panels fit. The last thing that anyone wants to happen is to find that your hurricane shutters do not work properly or something is missing, right when a storm is knocking on the door. We at Guardian Storm Protection pride ourselves in making sure your hurricane shutter system is working properly when we are finished, and we make sure the homeowner knows how to use them. We also provide a service at a minimum fee to annually lubricate your hurricane shutters and check the entire system, so problems do not arise when they are needed.

Hurricane Storm Shutters

Hurricane storm shutters come in many varieties. The most common would be the accordion hurricane storm shutter, followed by the hurricane panels and the hurricane fabric. We at Guardian Shutters have over 15 years of experience installing all varieties of hurricane storm shutters. When people move to Florida from out of state, they generally do not know where to begin, when it comes to hurricane storm shutters, and that’s why we love to educate people and give them all the options.

Every home is different, so we have to evaluate each home and see what style best suits the homeowner, and give them our best opinions. As with anything else, hurricane storm shutters are items that must be explained to each person of how each system operates. I would not want to sell hurricane panels to a person who cannot physically install them, or has no one available to put them up, in the event of a storm, or if they are out of town. A customer must know what they are getting and be able to make sure it best suits their situation in the event of a storm. Because all hurricane storm shutters operate in different ways, its our job to make sure what we are offering is “exactly” what they are able to handle. I take so much pride in how I train my employees when they install your hurricane storm shutters, because its our goal that the shutters work effortlessly year after year.

Consulting For Hurricane Protection

When it comes to consulting for hurricane protection, solving problems is a day-to-day business for us. We have engineers that specialize in solving engineering design problems every day. We work with builders on new construction and with other specialized contractors. We have people with more than thirty years of experience in hurricane shutters that we use for consulting for hurricane protection, as sometimes homes have special circumstances.

I am extremely knowledgeable in my industry because I do not do other things such as screens or patio enclosures. This is all I know, and I am good at it, so when it comes to consulting for hurricane protection, I love the opportunity to sit with you and share my knowledge on how we can best protect your home. I personally visit with each of my potential customers and I am not a professional salesman. I do not want to just sell you something, I want you to feel comfortable asking all the questions you want. I take it very seriously when I am the one at your home you’re consulting for hurricane protection. Also, feel free to call us if someone else says it can’t be done. You may be surprised what we might tell you. Do not just let one or two companies tell you it can’t be done and get discouraged. Call us, because consulting for hurricane protection is what we do best.