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Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach

Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach

Providing peace of mind in Palm Beach for over 16 years

Hello my name is Andy Kobosko, owner of Guardian Storm Protection. I have been installing hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach for over 15 years. I grew this company from the beginning and worked my way up the ladder and have been installing shutters for 21 years. I truly love installing hurricane shutters. My biggest problem is that I’m a perfectionist; I’ve never learned to accept anything but perfect work. This is a “perfect” time to buy shutters due to the past few quiet seasons. The prices are dictated by the price of aluminum and demand. The aluminum is rising with the stock market, and the stock market is rising. We know these forecasters are never 100%, but the weather is wacky this year and we are due! Get yourself the “peace of mind”. Please do not put off your protection any longer and call me and let me what I can do to earn your business. Once you call some of my previous customers, you too will be convinced that I am the best in the business! That’s a promise. Hurricane protection is EXTREMELY a serious item in your home and I believe the customer should be well educated. There was only one installer with “Guardian Storm Protection” when I started (me). It’s difficult to hire, train and keep excellent installers;

I spend a good portion of my time in the field every day maintaining our quality. When I first started installing hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, I was with a company called All Broward Hurricane in 1995 and quickly became the installation manager. This helped me reach a position of managing all the installers in Palm Beach County for that company. So basically I am an expert in all phases of the shutter industry and I am not one of these business owners who knows only about running a business and not the products and/or services he or she is offering. Installing hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach is not like installing in some of the other areas due the fact that we have many Golf Course communities and many areas where people take much pride in their homes and what it looks like with hurricane shutters on it. I truly enjoy owning a company who installs hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach because this is where I live, and I want to be close to my clients should they ever need me. Please take some time and educate yourself on the content I put in this website. Hurricane Shutters are a serious and very important item for your home and should be carefully researched, especially when it comes to installing hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach. Thanks for your time.