Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Bahama hurricane shutters can drastically change the look of a home while providing hurricane protection. Bahama hurricane shutters can be custom painted with any possible color to match just about anything. The good features of bahama hurricane shutters is that they are easily lowered down in the event of a hurricane and provide the same protection as other types of hurricane shutters. Another good feature of bahama hurricane shutters is that they provide shade for the openings that they are installed on as they block direct sunlight from entering through them.

Bahama hurricane shutters are 100% aluminum and require hardly any maintenance. Some of the negative features of bahama hurricane shutters are that they can be quite expensive and when the are lowered, brackets must be installed. In some cases they can take longer to close down for a hurricane than traditional accordion shutters. Another disadvantage of bahama hurricane shutters is that they can be damaged in a storm and be costly to fix or replace the louvers.

Bahama hurricane shutters also partially block the view from inside the home as they are designed to be lowered and kept at a 45 degree angle and we are limited on where they can be installed, which is typically not on doors. However, bahama hurricane shutters are very popular and we manufacture them in houses so you can be assured that you will get the best possible product and price and your home will take on a whole new look, once these are installed.